Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Flea Market Finds from last weekend

here is a group shot of the "little" stuff
 Jerry started college up again this Monday, so last weekend was his last homework free weekend for some time to come.  It was also the state fair grounds flea market weekend, so he suggested a round of flea Markets and antiquing.  Jesscera called her troops, and we headed out to the fair grounds and went nuts.  By the end of the day, the kid and friends escaped to the friend's house, and Jerry and I hit the flea market at the fairgrounds, 3 antique / flea markets stores, a good will and a fine jewelry store for watch movements.  I've only got pics of some of the smaller stuff.... by the end of our shopping day, we had the following items:
box of keys
3 sewing machines
2 adding machines
3 typewriters
various vintage sewing stuff, like needle packages and findings
1940's voltmeter in a awesome box
1950's film projector
little tin boxes
alarm clock
old cookie/candy tins to cut up
90 watch movements with watch faces, and these are the old quality stuff.  A couple have sterling on the faces!
and some odds and ends of stuff
I'm still sorting through stuff, and it may be awhile before Jerry has a serious block of time to salvage the big items, but boy, we had fun last weekend!! 

This weekend I'm going to start cutting up cookie tins for some ideas I've gotten .... so I'm looking forward to this weekend as well.

a big box of keys.. no skeletons but a nice assortment of vintage ones (some of these will go up on etsy!)

more small box tins for my upcoming locket experiments

This voltmeter is from the early 40's.. Jerry's already taken out the guts, it's a kewl box though.... we are thinking display!

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CraftyHope said...

SO MUCH AWESOME!! I'll admit I'm a lot jealous of your cool finds.