Friday, January 31, 2014

Fish Wrench

I can't help it.. don't you see a googly eyed fish in this? and a wrench?
 I can't help it, I just love playing with all the lovely metal bits Jerry digs out of our vintage machines.  It's like being a 6 year old, staring up at the clouds and seeing dragons.... Only I'm staring at old sewing machine parts and I see fish wrenches. 

I faces in the bits and cogs and wiggle waggles he brings me.  Last year a did a whole series of faces and I'm thinking I should do that again.  I made it sort of an artistic game... I wanted to help people see the faces I see, but I could only do that by adding 1 element.  It was fun stretching my artistic sensibilities that way... I have a few pieces set aside for the 2014 version of this mini-line, but I want a few more before I make them up.

Tomorrow Jerry and I will hit the big flea market again -- I can't wait to see what we bring out this time!

It always amazes me what comes out of old mechanical items.  Fish Wrench is from a 1920's singer, and 2nd one comes from the 1960's.

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