Monday, July 28, 2014

Road trip and a few random thoughts.

vintage dog tag and crystal.....
 Yet again a couple of pics from the files, showing you wonderful, one of a kind jewelry that is.. yep.. already long gone. 

I swear I actually do have some inventory!!  It's just when I get busy sometimes I skip the picture, and when it's one of s kind.. then it's gone. 

I really need to get better about that.

I think I've been sort of depressed.  (no! really????)

I think I'm sort of better.  I have actually been sketching designs at odd moments, which is a really good sign that my brain might actually work again someday soon.

I think I'm Peri-menopausal.  I really won't say anything else about that.  Your welcome.

We took a small family jaunt to House on the Rock and took Baby and a friend this time.  We left on thurs afternoon, meandered up and Hit the House on Fri... it's just as strange and friendly as I remember it.  Seriously if you are in that part of WI anytime soon, it's worth a trip, it's good family fun and it's a unique collection of stuff.  It's what happens when a artist has money to spend and builds his own museum.  Eccentric fun at it's clean, ketchie best.

We went to a cave, we did antiquing and hit every used book shop we could find.  Even worked in a bakery and a game shop... In short, the perfect, mini BarronMiller Driving vacation.  Even had a few bucks left when we got home.

Came back the back way, through McGregor IA, and saw the pink elephant and the gaint strawberry on a stick . 

Next mini trip we take we want to go to Mount Ida and see the castles

Because we BarronMillers thrive on good clean ketchie fun.

This coming weekend will be another mini roadtrip, as Jerry and I will be hitting the Highway 141 longest yard sale

domestic sewing machine from the late 1920 - early 30's and clock cog.  this is one of my favorite bracelets I've made for a long time... it sold at the first show at had it at. 

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