Monday, August 4, 2014

Fuzzy vacation pictures

walkway , where we took the Garden Photo
Japanese Garden
 My most of my family are huge picture takers... me.. not so much.

Part of it is I take lousy pics, most of them are fuzzy.  These in the blog are the best of the lot... now some of the fuzzy isn't really my fault.. many area's of the House on the Rock are dim, and no-one is gonna take good pics in dim light.  I think the lens might get dirty as it's just my cell phone and it's always jammed in my pocket.

I've never been a purse gal, so in the age before cell phone camera's , it rarely seemed worth it to lug a huge camera around and be constantly afraid I would loose it.

Now we have camera's in the phone...

But I just don't think about taking pictures much.  I love looking at them, but taking them.. it's like my brain is Teflon coated and I just can't remember to wip out the phone and take pictures.

the flowerhead belly dancers in one of the bathrooms...
 My daughter loves taking photos.  On the computer she downloaded over 100 just from our little trip last week. 
OK, I really do like the sinks in the rock formation, same bathroom...

Demon as you enter Section 3 of the house exhibit...
 One last note.. if you go to the House on the Rock, make sure you check out all the bathrooms.  Each bathroom had different displays.  My favorite is the glass one.  (this link is to someone else's picture, as mine didn't turn out)

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