Friday, August 29, 2014

5 reasons to love the Farmer's Market....

I love love love love this vintage key on this necklace!
These are in no special order and are by no means exhaustive!

1.  The food.  OK, this might be the top reason... the food!! oh my... cookies, Uncle Wendell's BBQ, wonderful egg thingies that start with a F that I can never spell nor pronounce correctly but are beyond yummy, The Rotatory Club's fresh squeezed OJ, and if you like veggies, lots and lots and lots of veggies.

2.  The variety of stuff.  The Market folks work really hard on ensuring a varied market each week, and they really do an outstanding job of it.  While I would love ( love love!) to be at the market every weekend selling my Jewelry, each and every person who vends there goes through a jury process and are assigned slots based on a an eye towards balance and variety.  Some of the folks are able to do the market each week but it's mostly limited to food sellers.  Except for a couple of vendors that are grandfathered, most of the art and crafts are allowed only up to 8 slots each season.  Most don't get that many..  I feel very blessed I got 7 this year.  For the people who shop every week at the market, this means each week is a different mix.  Just how cool is that??

3.  Leaves the weekend free.  the Market isn't a huge time commitment either for the shopper or the vendor.  It's something you can stop by for a couple of hours as a shopper, and as a vendor I'm done and back up by 1245pm most markets... leaving the bulk of the weekend free !   I can still get together with friends and family and do stuff.  Most show weekends that's the only thing I do... not with farmer's Market!

4.  The energy of the Market.  Most of the people who go to farmer's market are in a good mood, and stay in a good mood... nothing is more pleasant that several thousand folks all having a good time at once. 

5.  My fellow vendors.  Really, some of the nicest folks you will ever meet!!

So, if you haven't been to the Downtown Des Moines Farmer's Market, come on down Tomorrow 7-12pm... the weatherman says it's gonna be a great day! Jerry and I will be the south side of 3rd street again, like we have been the last couple of times....

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