Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Highway 141 Garage Sale

Most of the treasures lined up: 1 sewing machine, 2 clocks, 1 typewriter, 2 adding machines ( one for a buck!!), a divider for my paints, 3 medial thingies that looked interest, 3 or more pounds of 20 gauge wire, a cash register, a bunch of interesting cookie tins to cut up and a few odds and ends.  We spent under $100.00 total, which includes a few bucks spent on non business " raw materials"

I adore this sewing machine tag!! soon to be a bracelet.... the sewing machine was FREE.  yep.  I  bought old metal bobbins for 50 cents, and walked out with this sewing machine as well...

Last weekend was the 100 mile garage sale on highway 141.

What fun!! I swear next year I will take Friday off so we can do the first day of it.. Jerry and I found some sweet sweet deals for the business, and even picked up a few bits for family fun.  The folks running the garage sales were all smiles and happy, and many said the crowds on Friday were marvelous.  The weather I'm sure was helpful!  Who knew August in Iowa could be so darn ... pleasant?? (word is the harsh heat is coming back soon though, drat)

And most of it was cheap cheap cheap.  Not that a few folks had things priced at unbelievably high prices.. but that's the joy of garage-ing. The trick is to just buy the cheap stuff, and dicker down the prices. 

I  found one old clock for just $5.00, I didn't even try to bargain on that, it had such lovely clock movement!! But most stuff, Offer half and settle for 25% off.  sometimes I get lucky and get my half!

We made it to Bayard and only gave up then cause it was getting so late -- the garage sales started at 8am, and by 330pm they were closing down.

I predict this will be a fun family event for years to come.

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CraftyHope said...

Awesome finds. How great that you found so many deals. Thanks for sharing them here. :)