Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Big Reveal for Build a Line challenge is Friday....

Vintage Pocket Watch, hand painted brass butterfly, crystal and chain.
Whaw!!!!!! I'm not ready yet.  My first design idea didn't work out like I wanted to, and neither did my 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

Tomorrow I have all evening scheduled (barring something coming up) to work on my challenge and get my blog ready for the 1st reveal.  There are 3 of them total, but this one will set up the tone for all the rest. 

I don't have to make supper or anything, and housework can slide for 1 night... and tonight I cleaned off my principle work desk except for what I'm looking at for the line.

I'm kicking around shaving a few hours off my day job, but I probably can't get away with that.  Whaw again.

I'm sure I'll figure out something out and I have a new idea --I can only hope this one works more like I want it to.  If it wasn't so late tonight, I'll go up right now and fiddle with it.  Unfortunately I'm getting too old to stay up half the night working in the studio and then be at the day job by 7:15am in the morning!! Ugh!

So look for my first official Build A Line Challenge blog on Friday.


Marica Zammit said...

Hang in there Kat. I know that you'll make it :-)

Good plan on setting aside a couple of hours for this. When I'm trying to come up with a new design I need all the peace and quiet that I can get :-)

Can't wait until tomorrow's reveal!!!

Aurora Designs said...

I'm sure you'll find something different that will be amazing, and I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

B'sue said...

This was a PERFECT post, covering all the points we discussed as group and then some. You made it personal and very interesting. I didn't feel compelled to read along, it just flowed and I wanted to read it. Great job, Kat, and best wishes to your family during this time of illness. XOXO B'sue