Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dad out of the hospital! yeah! and clock parts

This is a pin, using old clock gear.
Yeah! Dad is out of the hospital, so yes, he's doing much better thank you all for your support.

Today I don't have to leave the house, so I'm wearing my celestial thermal jammy pants and one of my favorite heather gray old run around shirts and of course my dark grey jacket cause like always in Iowa Winter, my 1920's house is COLD.  Not complaining.... I keep the thermostat set very low, so it's my own fault.  I like heating bills I can afford to pay, thank you. 

Besides if I get up and exercise I warm up quite nicely, consider it incentive to keep moving!

I've been doing one of my favorite things on the net: bead porn.  OK in my case it's probably more like vintage clock or vintage watch porn.  I've been scouring eBay and etsy for good lot deals on clocks and watches.  Can you believe I'm getting low on clock parts?? specifically the medium size gears, like 1 inch to 1-1/2 inch.   I've been using them so much in my art jewelry, I'm getting low.... Now there are clocks around the house we got at flea markets and such that haven't been rendered for parts yet.  The problem is finding them and then getting Jerry to render... and today is such a great day for that.  We have been watching Grim together, and he said last night he wanted to pick that up again this weekend.. so I just have to find the clocks. 

Since clocks are smaller, they get chucked into bins in the closet and larger stuff like the typewriters get shoved on top and so things get hid. 

Still, even if I can find every single last one of the puppies and get Jerry to take them apart, my hoarding instincts are telling me I'm low low low.  And frankly how likely is it I can find all of them in this wonderful big house of mine, and then get the hubby to do something?

And I love to Internet window shop!!

I've got several lots I'm watching at eBay, and I actually bought this one today:

I paid  more than I wanted, and the postage seems insane, but from what I can see I can make this work.   I'm sure at minimum I'll break even... and I should get it in time to sell bits I don't want ( like the giant clock weights --- try making a necklace out of something like that!) at the flea Market in Feb.

And if not, well that is all part of buying the lots like this... the wonderful sense of discovery when you find a real treasure.  And since I make jewelry, real treasure can be anything from, well, treasure - to something that simply screams ""me ME! I want to be a necklace!! Right NOW!"

Why I have so much fun at flea markets to begin with. 

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