Wednesday, January 14, 2015

busy busy busy........

started out as a flat piece brass stamping, I pinched in the smaller end for the bail and added the crystal.  I think it looks pretty good!

Most nights after work we go and visit Dad in the hospital for a couple of hours, then do supper, maybe stir the dust around alittle in attempt to bring order to my house, and if I'm lucky an hour in the studio.  Once I'm in the studio I can't say I'm the most productive... but that is my stress release.  Just watching TV in my studio is relaxing the kinks in my back.  I went up tonight to watch Criminal Minds, and I worked about 10 minutes on jewelry.... by wire wrapping a dragonfly on a pocket watch and by sealing a brass piece I painted yesterday.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to put the pendant necklaces I'm working on together.

I'm also trying to shift my hours earlier, as I now end up at work by 715am... which is almost an hour earlier than last year.  Between stress and getting up earlier, I can tell I'm not sleeping well enough or just enough in general.  I've made it a goal that I need to be in bed by 11pm.  I'm averaging maybe 1145pm?  Tonight I'm gonna do it for sure.  (as I type this it's 1020pm)

I have a quick repair for a customer as well on the desk, and of course I'm in the planning stages for my build a line challenge.  My hope is this weekend I'll really get to work on it.  The first blog hop is a week from Friday.  We need to have at least 1 piece done for that.

I'm also going to split a booth with a friend at the big flea Market in a couple of weeks.  While I'll probably bring a few pieces of jewelry, i'm mostly trying to sell destash, including around 100 books on beading.  Listing books on Etsy is kind of a pain, so I'm hoping I'll really make several someones day by selling them cheap, and me a few bucks and fewer headaches than trying to sell them online and deal with the hassle of mailing them.  A couple of them are out of print Russian and Japanese books and they are actually worth something.. so I'll probably list them on Etsy eventually.  But the rest need to go!! I'm really looking forward to this.  It's cheap to do, and since I"m sharing a booth even cheaper, and I'll be good to connect to my friend who is also my Neighbor of many years.  She sells her handmade soap.

So that's my plan for the rest of the week.  The fun parts anyway, still have to clean, cook, bills, budget, get ready for taxes, etc etc etc etc etc etc

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