Sunday, October 18, 2015

5,789 emails

hoooo boy.

We got new cells phones.  I reset up my various emails on my phone ( there are 4 - don't ask.  I guess 5 if you count the iCloud one...)

And I funny funny thing happened.. my mail cell phone account decided to download every email I've ever gotten on it from the server.  turns out in the last 3 years or so I've gotten 5,789 emails to that email.

Because of the settings it's downloading them in batches of 150.  I have to "read" them and then I delete them.  what fun, especially since so many of them are spam that I've already deleted.

Not really having the patience for this sort of thing, I went to the website where the email lives, and discovered all the emails where still in the box... and that's probably why it's downloading them.  Here I thought I was forwarding all of that to my cell phone, but I guess it's saved a copy on the web client instead.

so I'm trying to delete them in hopes it stops downloading them to my cell phone. 

It worked but that's a a couple of hours I won't ever get back.

Then I had to do the same thing for 2 of my other emails and Jerry's cell phone email.

Still the fun and games aside, love love love having my new cell phones!

I really like how simple and elegant the wing bracelets are

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