Saturday, October 3, 2015

I'm Having an Etsy Sale!!

It's October and it's my Birthday Month, and I usually do some sort of sale on my Etsy sites this month, sort of a un-birthday present to others I guess.

so on the Jewelry side, I have the following deal:

Past customer can get 10% off just by using code GOODCUST10 with any purchase.

However, if your order is $35.00 or more, use GOODCUST25 for a whopping 25% off your order!

Only 1 code per order, and these are good throughout October.

The codes are the same on my destash site, and you only need to purchase $20.00 to use GOODCUST25 there.

so enjoy these savings all October and have a very merry un-birthday!
Momma and baby having fun with a very old pocket watch....

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