Saturday, October 10, 2015

New phones!!! wooooo

I'm currently downloading and updating new phones for me, Jerry and Jesscera.  whee!   All of us have new iPhone 6s.  This is the first new phones we have had in almost 5 years.  Hopefully the transfer of service will be completed in a few hours ( they tell me it could take up to 1 full business day, which is weird when it's a Saturday and not a normal business day.. so does that mean Monday??? )

I'm getting my old iPhone ( a iPhone 4 BTW, who uses such a old phone anymore? ) settings transferred to my new one, and setting up programs and such for Jess & Jerry.  I figure this will take the chunk out of the day, but I'm so happy... new phones!! bigger, but still fits in my pocket!!   Then it's back to trying to clean the studio.

Life is good.

Vintage tag from a vending machine.  No idea of the age, as we bought this at an antique store.  I cleaned it up and buffed the front, it's really cool looking... and long gone.  Bracelet sold at the first show we had it at.  It's really neat that the buyers were from Muncie, and had family that worked at the plant back in the day.  I love when my jewelry is wearable history!!

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