Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy Monday!

I'm starting to feel better, yeah!   My official show season is done for the year, I have only 1 more scheduled show ( Holy Trinity)  and Jerry and I are kicking around doing another flea market or 2 this winter to destash the piles around our house, but that's it.

So honestly my thoughts are turning to - CLEANING, ORGANIZING, AND GETTING RID OF STUFF.

Just thinking about it makes me feel tired.  I feel a large donation to good will coming in the future.

Right now I just have to move, well slow.  I still have almost no energy from this vicious cold I have.  My goal right now is to get one of my back tables cleaned off and organized in the studio... so far I've barely made a dent, but I thought I would try something new this time: no pressure.

Whenever I get it done, I get it done.   If it takes me all week, that's what it takes.  The whole thing this week is surviving and getting better and sleeping as much as possible and not freaking myself out because I'm pretty ineffective.  I just want to feel better and not get sick again!!!

Maybe next week I can move up to real progress.

Anyway, Happy Monday!!

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