Sunday, September 18, 2016

Art is everywhere!

Recently when we were traveling, we spotted this indentation in the side walk ---  poor frog!!  But I had to take a picture... it's accidental art.  Seriously, just open your eyes and you will see art everywhere you turn.  The several different shades of green in the passing landscape. The really graceful lines and curves in the giant windmill that dot Iowa.  The flight of a bird across the pure cloudless blue sky.  All of it is so beautiful, and so meaningful, if you just open your mind.

I get asked how I come up with my designs.  Sometimes I sketch, but more often than not, I just take stuff out to "play" with, and eventually I spot the pattern the beauty and start combining things.  You just have to open your mind up and it wonder the landscape around you.
Where art starts... a huge, messy pile on my desk!

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