Sunday, September 25, 2016

Last show this coming Sat

So my last show ( that I know of, I suppose that could change if something good came up) is for this coming Saturday.  Downtown Des Moines Farmer's Market 8-12 .  Note the hour change.. we go to 8-noon hours for the last month of the market.  I'll confirm my location next blog, but it will probably be on the main drag right around 2nd st corner ( by the bathrooms again)

After doing a summer with fewer shows ( only 12 -- most years we do 20-24, one year we did 28 - ack!) I think I like the slower pace.  It really helps I'm in a great gallery here in Des Moines... huge shout out to Five Monkeys  ! My online sales have picked up this year.  So I think we will stick to a  smaller show schedule next year as well.  I want to get a Omaha show in again, and maybe one in Minnesota.  But for the most part, sticking close to home this year worked great.

I'm looking at getting into more galleries, and maybe this winter I'll finally actually try to get my Etsy up to date.  As always, if you see something in the blog or facebook and you want it, just email me and I'll ship it to you-- happens all the time!

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