Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Last Farmer's Market of the season!

OK, I'm pleased to tell you my location for my last Downtown Des Moines Farmer's Market will be on the South Side of 2nd street, 4-5 booths in.  We haven't been on 2nd street all year, so it's great to be back.. we will be close to Uncle Wendell's  booth, which has to die for BBQ and bakery goods, so that's lovely!!  I know what I'll be eating for lunch on Sat!

It's my last show as well for the year.. unless something pops up, which could happen -- good chance I'll probably at least do some sort of artist meet and greet again at Five Monkeys, but no date on that yet, that's sort of tentative.

I'm looking forward to my winter season to charge batteries and new designs... I've got some ideas sitting in my sketch book and my head... and I'm in the mood to create, so I'm thinking this winter will be fantastic!!   I'm also excited that I have a girl's weekend coming up.. just a quickie shopping trip in Omaha but still, anytime I can get together with the girls.. life is good!

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