Friday, September 23, 2016

lucky penny

Once upon a time, I carried a Victorian penny in my pocket.  I had it for 3-4 years, and it just made me feel good, like only a lucky penny can make a kid feel good.  I don't exactly remember where I got it, I think my Dad gave it to me... at the time I collected coins so I'm just not sure.  It was from, I believe, 1887,  and it was so special that I owned something that was so old.

When my pet cat died when I was 12, I buried the penny with Taffy.  Taffy was my best friend.  Taffy gave me so much in life, I felt like I had to give him something in death, and what else would a 12 year old have that meant so much?  

I've never regretted it.  Still I missed the magic of carrying that penny, and while a penny at age 47 isn't probably as magical as it is at 12 ---  when I found this Victorian penny (from 1901) and it already had a hole in it -- I couldn't resist.  I've put it on a lobster call and it's gonna be the zipper pull for my light jacket.  Let the luck commence.

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