Wednesday, November 2, 2016

7 day jewelry challenge day 3 Medusa

I've been nominated for the 7 day jewelry challenge by Lyn Joy Reeve.  Thanks Lyn!  It's a facebook challenge on one of the groups I belong to, and I thought it might be fun to share.  The idea is to share for 1 week a piece a day that is important to you in some fashion that you have made.

 Yesterday I featured Octy as one of my favorite pieces.  Believe it or not, octy is in this piece as well... as Medusa's Hair!   The American made brass stamping got turn upside down, I pounded his poor head in so I could lay the bone face flat.  Vintage pocket watch face, and vintage watch movement and parts complete Medusa's head to toe look.  Of the many pieces I've made, this is one I seriously think of doing again... it wouldn't turn out exactly the same of course, but I just love the hair-do, and I've looked for faces for a Medusa II but I've not been happy with any so far.  Too many of the bone faces look, I don't know.. smirky.  I love the calm look on this one.  And I really made a great steampunky necklace to go with my Medusa.  If you want more pictures or details on her construction, you can see my original blog here.  This is the piece that finally got me over my fears of glue... while I will always look at over types of connections first, I no longer fear glue for me or my customers.

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