Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Small Business Saturday Preview!

1920's singer sewing machine plaque.  I've cleaned, patined and polished to a lovely glowy shine, and then embellished with painted dragonflies... 
 I'm almost ready for Small Business Saturday this weekend!! I'll be at my favorite local gallery, Five Monkeys, Inc  10-4, but the whole block is doing stuff for SBS all day long... you can see some of the shops and fun activities here    Here's pics of some of the new stuff I'll have on hand for the show... so come out and support your local shops, we keep your shopping fun and interesting!
Domestic is early 30's sewing machine, the singer harder to date, it was a added on motor to a 1898 singer sewing machine.. from the tag I'm guessing probably 30's on the motor tag.  no way to know for sure ...

old gears, dragonflies and crystals.  yummy!
This is a angel Christmas tree ornament, I'm probably only going to have 2 made for the show, but I've got more golf club plates so I can make more.  This one has a watch face for a face, a bottle cap for a halo, and the body is cut from a cookie tin.  

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