Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A tale of two Bracelets

I can make cuffs in a variety of colors, including a natural brown leather.
I used a sharpie marker as the etch resist, which you can see here.  The best way to use a sharpie as a resist is just letting it sit for a couple of weeks before you etch. since this was a commission and had a deadline, I use the secret shortcut. ( Don't tell anyone, but it's heat!)
I love Commissions!  Especially when the client trusts me to make something they will like.  I basically got told to make 2 leather cuffs , one for Miss Polk county 2017, and one that said "Wanderlust" and had an anchor involved.  My original thought -- stamp the letters.  After some thought, I decided to etch instead.  The lovely thing about text messages and using facebook messenger... I took photos along  the way so the clients could see the projects develop as I worked them.  It also gave them a chance to approve of the design options as I worked the process.  I thought it would be fun to share the step by step!  A huge thank you to Dina at Five Monkeys who suggested me to the clients.

After etching and clean up.  I got a really good etch on these

Adding patina.. then cleaning it up again, and then renwax to seal.

adding the holes to attach to the bracelet

Finished cuff -- because the anchor I used is pewter and won't bend, I was afraid to rivet it directly, as too much pressure will break pewter.  So I wire wrapped it to the cuff.

Hard to see in the photo, but I did end up using stamps.. i stamped 2017 in the heart.  Since this is all brass or copper  I only used rivets on this one.

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