Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Catching up on my photos

I made these pieces in late Jan, early Feb, right when I started to have all the computer problems, so I didn't get much chance to blog about them then.

The necklace on the left, if you look closely, has a little girl peeking out of the keyhole.  That little girl is... I have no idea.  A couple of years ago I bought a jewelry lot, in a actual jewelry box, and this beautiful little girl was in it.  The picture was actually cut up, only have this girl in it, about 2/3rd of the picture was missing.. it looked like 2-3 people were missing.  In my head I make up stories about this, Why was the photo cut up? Who's missing? Why did it get left in a jewelry box with a bunch of costume jewelry?  What was her name? Was the jewelry hers or her mom's or what?

I think this sliver of  a photograph was as intriguing to me as all the jewelry in the lot!

I always knew it would end up in one of my pieces -- so when I was making this necklace I knew I needed someone to peek out of it.. and I remember this girl.

The bracelet in the middle are all wheat pennies, carefully wire wrapped into a charm bracelet.  (Penny for your thoughts!  Hey, maybe the girls name is Penny?? ) I bought the pennies at a flea market in AZ during our trip last summer.

The last is a clock gear with a Egyptian scarab on it.  I used new old stock vintage chain on this one, love that chain!

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