Monday, March 27, 2017

Time in a Bottle on Etsy!

You can buy it here!
Before my computer had it's issue, I'll started to list some of my current line.  My thought was to get it up on Etsy and then blog about the new stuff.  And then my hard drive took a dive.. so I'm trying again.

One of my favorite designs is "Time in a Bottle".  All kinds of vintage watch goodness in little glass bottles with corks.  The best part is I came up with the name before my husband did, and it really bugs him cause he thinks he has all the good puns.

I love love them because of the name, and they look kewl.. and they sooth my heart that wants to use up all the little itty bitty watch parts I've been hoarding, wasting none.  Some of these are not practical in my other designs, but putting them in itty bitty bottles? Fab-U-lous !
and the matching earrings!
So wear some history... run to Etsy and buy them now!

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