Monday, March 20, 2017

I'm back!! with pictures...... recent watch buy

 Computer issues suck.  I've been suffering problems for probably close to 2 months, but the last month has been impossible... the computer would work for maybe 20 minutes at a time, and then die on me.  It would take an hour to reboot and get it going again.  I finally found a local place and got it fixed... by buying a new hard-drive.

They recovered most of my data, and loaded a slightly newer version of windows for me, so I've been working hard the last few days reloading software, checking my back ups and getting things going again.

This is part of the reason my blogging has been so very spotty.  Sure I had my Ipad but honestly the blogger app doesn't work that well on it either... so it just seemed better to wait.  Besides it's my winter break ...  my time to recharge and refresh.

However, I'm gearing up (hehehehehehehe) for the summer shows, so well, I'll try to be more faithful about my blog.  I actually enjoy sharing pics and process and just random thoughts, so I'm actually really glad I can get back into the swing of things.
Kas is trying to help me, I think... 

To celebrate my computer is back, here are pictures showing a recent flea market buy, of over 100 watches to make into jewelry.

 So here is Jerry working hard, taking apart the watch cases, carefully prying off the faces.  Since the best of these will become watch movement rings, I don't want to take apart the actual movements yet.
While the watches above are not being broken down, here's me sorting pocket watch gears after they are taken completely apart.  I make tons of watch part earrings, so I spend a chunk of time each winter sorting like a mad woman, so I have pairs.
Can you spot the pairs? 

Can you spot them here? 
Seriously , it take some major time to find matches , or close enough matches.  But only the best for my customers!!

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