Saturday, March 25, 2017

Elegant Fairy Necklace and Sat Morning Musings

This is my version of the Fairy Queen.. the back butterfly is old french stock, and the detail is fantastic on the filigree.  I added extra patina, and then riveted the fairy and cogs.  I love how the butterfly antenna became her fancy crown!
So it's 1030 am on a Saturday morning... a dreary Saturday morning - and I'm in a pretty chipper mood.

I've already bought some supplies for future jewelry on Etsy at some decent pricing.  (if you are curious, a vintage 40's adding machine, old souvenir spoon lot and some kewl brass stampings)  My kitchen is about as clean as it gets short of mopping, I have a movie date later this evening with my Mom (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA!!!! ) to see La La Land  and breakfast is left over Chinese.

I get bonus points because last night I laid out about 10 projects for inventory, and I think I can get about half done before I need to clean up for my date with Ma (HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN  MOMMA!!!) After all the hard part is done... chasing down my "ingredients" (aka jewelry components, watch parts, and stuff to make the pieces)

I have 6 weekends left before my first show, so it's really time to get crackin'.

I've been thinking hard about display changes for the year.  I'm hoping next weekend I'll get to spread it out and do a mock up of this year's display.  I like doing it at least a month before so if I need to replace busts and such I have time to research and buy them.  We are retiring the singer box display and the cash register drawer displays, so I have almost a table size footprint to play with.  One of the recent flea market finds is a old radio, and it's probably gonna be apart of the new display.  We have bought a few other odds and ends at flea markets specifically for displays, so this gives me a chance to pull it together and see if it looks good.

Tomorrow will be more inventory making, and more house cleaning (blah) Maybe go to Mom's (HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mommy! ) for a few hours, which I do most Sundays.

So what's your plans for the weekend?  Whatever they are, enjoy!

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