Sunday, May 20, 2018

A day in the life .......

Really nice vintage watch movement with crystals in a lovely silver bezel.
Tell me if this sounds familiar!!

Sundays are my main day each week to sleep in.  I cherish this, so even if I wake up fairly early (today it was about 8am)  I either try to go back to sleep or I read in bed or something.

I finally got out of bed around 10:30am, had breakfast, cleaned up, took Jerry to work, came back and got close to1-1/2 hours in the studio... prepped 3 pairs of earrings to finish later, and worked on matching up some watch part pairs for other earrings. 

Then I brushed my teeth, grabbed all my mom stuff - bill info, checkbook, and a double handful of new paperbacks for her, and ran Jess out to work, did mom's grocery shopping, Stopped by Culver's to get Me and Mom lunch, and spend some time with her..  I go out to her house almost every Sunday at least... I help her with her bills writing checks and  balancing the checkbook, help with any computer issues (hardware usually gets bumped to my brother Kit) I take out her garbage for the week if needed ( Kit beat me to it this week, yeah Kit!!)  I spend some time with her, give her books cause at 87, her main love anymore is reading books so I try hard to keep her supplied.  I got home around 6pm, and since I have to pick the kid up at 8pm from work ( and Jerry at 10pm) it seems like a good time to get my bills done and get a blog up, since I skipped Weds and Saturday doing my blog.

It's now 630pm, so I have the choice to -

1/ work on jewelry
2/ work on the kitchen
3/ fold  a week's worth of laundry
4/ make a grocery list and get my family's shopping done
5/try to get as much of all the above done.  All this by 735pm, because that's when I need to leave to get the girl.

I write this not to whine ( OK maybe a tiny whine) but to illustrate why no matter how hard I try, I just don't have time to get everything done. 

I know I'm not special in this way, I know I have it comparatively good actually.  Some folks have way way worse schedules and time issues.

But I sure would like to get more time to play in the studio on a Sunday!

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