Sunday, May 27, 2018

Everyone have a fun, relaxing but thoughtful Memorial Day!

This is my kitty Kya.  She knows now to relax, how to be happy -- all it takes is lounging on her favorite person, which is , ehem, me.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day, while also honoring those we love who served or didn't,  who are gone or still with us.

I plan to spend some quality time with my kitty, work on some  necklaces for my next show, clean the house (ugh!), Think about my Dad who passed 2 years ago ( and was a veteran of the Korean Conflict) and think about my family who's still will me.... Monday we are doing a big family picnic.. something we haven't done in years.  We used to do them every Memorial day, Dad would man the grill with that grin of his.

My favorite food was "Barron Burgers" .

Dad would mix up the meat with seasonings (mostly garlic salt, onions & pepper )  a few days ahead, and have them pre-shaped into burgers.  It made the grilling at the park quick and easy, and they tasted fantastic!   Add in hot dogs and brats, chips, potato salad and cookies, and anything else folks would bring -- and don't forget the Frisbee for after diner family bonding.

Sometimes we would do steaks, but mostly it is the Barron burgers I craved.

cherish your loved ones.  We only get this one live on earth.

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