Saturday, May 12, 2018

Starting point for this weekend

OK, another quickie, but that's because I'm working in the studio!

My goal this weekend is to make 30 + earrings and get the layout for my next big necklace done.   

Now I love earrings because they can be quick and easy, or really elaborate but still usually pretty quick to make.

So you can get creative and flirty with earrings but it's still not a huge chunk of time ( well maybe when you are going to do 30 + ... but still!)

Bigger projects usually take me weeks, because working with real vintage materials just takes longer. 

I usually spend some time researching what the vintage part is, so I have some idea how old it is.  I'm telling stories here, so the more info I know about the item the better the story will be.

I also want to make sure I'm using materials that are safe.  Some vintage stuff cannot be used because the materials are considered dangerous now.  Or maybe it's fragile and easily broken cause something is old and brittle... so I have to be careful how I use it to minimize damage or harm to my customers down the road ( which is why I use small light bulbs in earrings but no where else... even though I'm sooooo tempted...  I have some really kick ass designs in my head for them but I'm afraid cause they are fragile.)  (and yes, I've seen those bracelets made out of old xmas tree lights and all I can think of is how much that's gonna hurt when it breaks )

So my big project will be built around this camera front piece.  So that's where I'm at this weekend.

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