Saturday, September 15, 2018

If only you could bottle time........ and Planned Parenthood Booksale!

I know I've made these before, but each one is soooo different! This one has both vintage clock and watch parts in it, and I added a clock face charm.

But unfortunately  I can only bottle it metaphorically.   (word for the day anyone?? )   I never seem to have enough time to get done what I have to do and what I want to do.

Now that I'm feeling better, this weekend I want to make fantastic jewelry and sort through my personal books and get them donated Monday to Planned Parenthood for the Fall booksale October 18-22th.

Now I'm not going to argue over abortion in my blog, other than to say it's a very tiny part of the overall health services offered by planned Parenthood.

If a person has strong objections to abortion they should be the front line supporters of Planned Parenthood -- because they prevent more unplanned pregnancies year in and year out by providing birth control at low cost in a positive environment.  They help prevent the spread of diseases.  They help catch cancer in women, often at earlier stages leading to better medical outcomes.

In so many areas, Planned Parenthood is the ONLY venue woman have for health services.

They are under attack and in Iowa one of the ways they fight back is BOOKS!

The Booksale has been going on for over 40 years, because I remember going with my Mom every year when I was a kid.  (and now as an Adult I try to get her there as well!)

It's Huge!!!! the take over the whole 4-H Building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds and it's filled to the rafters with books, DVD's, records and magazines.  If you love books, it's magical!

So I'm gonna help out by donating a bunch of books, and then I'll help out by buying a bunch at the sale.

OH, I am donating some beady books as well :)

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