Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Green's the thing & my trip!

OK so these are not the best pictures. I've been experimenting by taking pictures via natural sunlight. While I've gotten some great shots this way, the light is way to harsh in these photos. This bracelet is my green challenge piece. The local bead society each month has a color challenge. This month's was green, in honor of St Patty's day. The beads are carved Adventurine, wrapped with 22GA twisted sterling wire. April it's purple, I"ll have to come up with something kewl!!

Speaking of poor pictures, I know my challenge piece pics from last post are not the best. It's such a big necklace it's hard to get good photos! Still I tried again this weekend, and one of the close-ups turned out really well so here is a good pic of my challenge:

And Speaking of the challenge... I'm soooo excited!! Tomorrow I leave for Omaha for my Girl's weekend with my South Dakota Friends Cathie and Sue... I finally get to see their challenge pieces... and among many other activities, we are taking a PMC (percious metal clay) class, and I"m going to teach them how to make sterling silver leaf earrings, as shown in the last photo... but SHHH! it's a secret, they don't know it yet... hehehe!! So I hope everyone has as much fun as I do this weekend!!

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