Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Weekend Part 1.........

Wow!! did we have fun!!!!! I don't want to write book.. so I'll keep it short and sweet... Here is a pic of PART of our living room, most of the stuff on the tables are Cathie's and Sue's beady stuff.. wow! you can almost hear the tables groan!

These pictures show me ( in the yellow) with Cathie (in the black) and Sue (in the pinkish) showing off our marvelous challenge pieces. Cathie's is a lovely elegant piece with taupe colored pearls mostly, and she wire wrapped a large pearl as the centerpiece. Sue's is a wild explosion of pearls.. she did corkscrew fringe in wire, with pearls and crystals on the ends. Everyone did such a good job on the challenge!!!
We beaded/made jewelry all weekend... Along with our formal PMC clay class we had 2 informal classes taught by me... more pictures are coming, but this pic shows my wire wrapping cab class. The blue cabs are vintage Japanese glass, the top left was done by Sue, the top right by Cathie, and the bottom blue one by me. I think everyone did such a good job.. especially Cathie, she's not been playing with wire very long... Sue had so much fun doing the first one she did the 4th one picture... carnelian agate.
More pics to come!

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