Monday, March 16, 2009

South Dakota Challenge part II

Once I had the frames reshaped, I decided to add a touch of color. I used crayons since I'm not selling this piece, that way if it does run in the future it's my bad and on my clothes not a customer!! It's just a touch of color, in the crevices of the sterling where I textured the rings. I hammered them flat, then used stamps to give them the design... I used a different stamp on each ring. I sealed the crayon in ( hopefully) with a micro-crystalline sealant. Originally I was going to have 9 rings in necklace, but after laying them out, I decided 5 rings was fine ( I've since thought of changing it to just 3 rings, but I've gotten death threats from my friends who don't think I should change anything)

I then started to weave in the pearls. I added 4 colors of crystals, because heck, I like crystals, and I thought the pearl mix was low on purples. I added in 3 purples and 1 redish color (the old version of ruby..yummy! I only have a few left of the old stock!)

When I've made the bracelets I don't really have any structured path of weaving, I just sort of go to town til it looks good to me. I decided to structure the rings more like a spiderweb, so I looped each wire through the prior loop, until I'm in the middle. I really like how this turned out, and I will be doing more of these in the future. It looks sort of lacy...

I used 20GA sterling to make bow tie spiral links, and connected them with 14GA half-round wire lightly hammered.

I think it looks great! I wish the pictures were better, this is so big it's hard to get good pics of it!

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