Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Earrings, Earrings, Earrings...... Art shows a plenty!

I had my first *real* art show last weekend, and it's the first of about 20 art shows and farmer's markets for the year... I'll be doing anywhere from 3 shows to 6 shows now until October... so busy busy! (be sure to check out my show schedule on my website - maybe I'll be in your area soon!)
This weekend I have Farmer's market on Sat, and Valley Junction Art Market on Sunday... so realllly busy busy! I'm working on a couple of commissions from my last show and then I need to work inventory items for this weekend.
My last weekend's show was in Davenport, IA and it went very well. I admit, I've been worried, with the gloomy economy right now. The one thing I noticed about this show is cash receipts were up, and credit cards were down, but overall sales where good. I don't think this is necessary a bad thing, it means people are really thinking about what they are buying.. it's really an enormous compliment that people buy my jewelry with cash! I mean, if you have less disposable income right now, and you still choose to dispose some on my jewelry... why thank you!
Anyway, 3 recent earrings, all different styles. Enjoy!

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