Friday, May 22, 2009

working on my website, and BENCH!

bench bench bench bench bench... that's been my mantra for the last few days. I'm working on rearranging everything to accommodate my new bench in the studio. When I started my redo of the studio, I was looking at a different bench. I arranged everything based on the understanding of that bench... So this bench has to be oriented differently in the room, and all my materials are in the wrong places to be useful! I got all the lampwork stuff rearranged the last few days, tonight my goal is to get the books and magazines moved... because that's where the silversmith stuff is going now! I work full time, and I swear the last few days all I can think of is my bench, how I want to rearrange stuff, the safety issues I need to deal with before I can light the torch.. I tell ya, I have a 1 track mind, and it's all BENCH! LOL

Actually I think most artist are very 1 tracked mind. We get an idea and we cannot let it go until l we've pushed and prodded it in the shape we have in our heads... so I can't really complain about it. Sure makes it hard for everyone around me though... I've been muttering bench bench bench under my breath at work. I'm sure the few remaining co-workers who didn't think I was nuts do now!

I am also working on a revamp of the website, take a look, though it's not finished by a long shot:

Since I didn't have picture last time, above is a pendant I made called "rainbow cloud" it's based on the old circle pin idea. I've made 2 of these now, and they are fun to make. I will make more... but first I'm going to work on my BENCH!

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