Monday, September 21, 2009


I am so proud of this pendant! I made the glass cab, then carefully wrapped it, trying to really capture the flavor of the wonderful blend of dichric glass in the cab.

I got it finished last weekend, tumbled and polished and ready to put in yesterday's show. Someone has very good taste.. but very bad morals, because that someone stole it from my booth.

I realize there is really nothing I can say that makes that person feel bad or mend his or her ways... all I can say is someday it will catch up to you. Someday Karma will be waiting to bite you in your butt.

You might think taking something like this is "nothing". After all the pendant is "only" sterling silver and glass, all handmade by the artist. I was only asking $34.00 for it. What you don't realize is the pile of "bad" glass cabs I have, I was soooo happy at this one, I felt it was worthy to be wrapped. All the time and experimentation with making glass cabs to finally get this one. The actual wrapping took over 2 hours.. because I really wanted this to come out perfect.. and there is a slight flaw caused by me.. when I dremeled off the sharp glass edges the tool "skipped" and made a very small mark on the top of the cab. The sterling spirals hide it. I was so very proud of how the wrapped turned out, I haven't done as much embellishment with framing wires before, it was so much fun!

Not that you care, but you have taken a small slice of my soul by stealing my work. As an artist, sometimes it's hard to let go, you put so much of yourself into your pieces. At least when you sell them you get money to make other pieces... when you steal from me I'm out the money, my time, my materials and my piece of mind.

I know that shoplifting is a part of being in business, and while I know over the years I've had a piece stolen here and there, sometimes the rotten little thieves nick something I really care about. Then it really hurts, and it's hard to be philosophical about just another fact of life for a small business woman.

I sometimes have fantasies about "seeing" this artwork on the person who stole it, and.... doing something about it. In real life I'd probably just call the cops, and try to write down your licence plate. I know the cops probably won't do anything, so don't quake in your boots, your punishment won't be legal unfortunately. I can only hope that Karma will get you in the end.. maybe something you treasured will be stolen from you. Serves you right.


No Easy Beads said...

Kat I am sorry to hear someone walked off with your beautiful creation. Karma will get them back. It just takes time.

Angela Meijer said...

What a beautiful pendant. So sorry it was stolen.