Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Fused Glass.....

OK I keep playing with fused glass, I'm having a great deal of fun figuring out all the trick to making a nice, solid colorful pretty glass glob, which I can then wrap. This group shot is generation II of my experiments. I upgraded my glass from what came in the kit to Bullseye and I'm much much happier with the quality of this glass. Almost every one of this group is Bullseye and CBS type dichroic glass. Yummy stuff let me tell you!

I'm really fascinated by making a donut in glass. this is my 2ND attempt, I think it came out pretty good, and it's something I'll keep exploring. I do think that I like the look of the dichroic under a layer of clear better than "naked". This cab is a mix of styles of dichroic, and had a black glass base and a clear top.
Last is a lovey aqua base with some of the fancy patterned CBS dichroic, which is hard to see in the photo. One of the interesting things with making glass cabs is how the glass flows. It's soooo different than lampworking! In this cab the dichroic sort of flowed and separated more than I wanted it to, but I think I know now how to make it more compact next them.. it's still very pretty, and very hard to photograph. Also the dichroic glass slumped downwards alittle, leaving alittle bit of a gap that you can see at the top. That's actually ok, it makes it more of a challenge to wrap, because I'll want to "hide" that alittle, but that is what makes this new medium soooo much fun! My next blog I'll show you some before and after shots of making this glass cab, I guess I was in a camera mood that day!

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