Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Odds and Ends....

OK I'm on vacation this week.. I wish it meant I could play with beads and wire and metals and GLASS all day- and all week-- long. Regretfully a week of vacation from my paycheck job means hitting all the doctor appointments I'm behind on, cleaning the house for my daughter's upcoming birthday party, catching up on errands and really generally unfun, boring but necessary parts of life. RATS.

I'm hoping tomorrow I can get all these odds and ends of life caught up, and then I can play Thursday and Fri.. at least alittle. I do plan to post pictures everyday this week... a few minutes on the blog I can do.

Here are artistic odds and ends... I love the earrings, they are the latest earrings in the earth doodle series. Made with fancy jasper irregular rectangles in a rich, dark green, I made these with my own, homemade headpins that I melted the ends in a ball, then I hammered it flat and added a loose spiral to hold the bead. Yummy!
Next is a painted jasper with gold filled wire on it, and last another pendant in sterling wire and crystals, using netting and binding techniques. The bail on this one is actually the circle to a toggle.. the jump ring soldered on wasn't soldered very well and broke... so I finished cutting it off and sanding it down. It makes a great bail don't you think? I love when I can reuse something broken like this!

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