Friday, September 11, 2009

more odds and ends......

My pajama day went smashingly!! I didn't get as much done as I wanted,but then I never do. My hubby says I have poor time sense. The only real bum is I no longer have a viable copy of On the Town. I know something that's going on my Christmas list!

Today's activities are mostly cleaning house and decorating for my daughter's birthday party tomorrow. I will officially have a teenager tomorrow! WOW!

To celebrate her 13Th party we are having a diner mystery party... so while I clean and decorate I have to hide the clues also. This is almost as fun as making jewelry! I'm listening over and over to Weezer's newest hit, "If I want you to" it's got a great back beat, and makes it easy to clean to. I really like this song! Today's pendants: top is a glass bead I actually made! This sold at the very first show it was at, so I'll have to try this style again sometime.

2ND pendant is MOP with sterling silver.
I took pictures of making glass cabs at different steps of the process yesterday -- I'm hoping to get those pictures up quickly!

And for those who will be in the Des Moines Area tomorrow, I will be at Down Town Farmer's Market in Des Moines IA. Stop by and say hi!

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