Wednesday, June 16, 2010

busy replacing tags.. still...

I'm afraid most of this week has been cleaning, retaging and repacking jewelry and displays from the rain last weekend. I'm done with displays ( I was able to save them all, and no stinky icky mildew smells, yeah!) and about half way through the jewelry. I've had to replace EVERY earring and pendant card.. hopefully I'll get this finished tomorrow night. the upshot is I've not made any jewelry this week.. I've only set up 1 glass load, I made my 2ND bowl! yeah! I'll get a pic up soon. Here is the glass load from last weekend. Some of these turned out so great, I can't wait to wrap them! This one is my favorite.. it's got gold, pink, teal, green, and orange tones glowing inside, and light purple stripes on top in a clear coat. I don't think the pic does justice! Maybe I'll have time to wrap this this weekend after my show Sat (Art Store parking lot, 10-5pm ) If you are in the Des Moines Area, stop by!

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