Friday, June 25, 2010

West Glen Tomorrow, and you can find my Jewelry at a new location!

Wow! it's been a busy few days! I've been gearing up for my very first West Glen farmer's Market tomorrow ( I should be more or less in front of the frame store) and I got a call from JoAnne at The Art Store.
you see they recently started to feature jewelry artists' work on a rotational basis, and they wanted me as one of the artist! (YEAH!) Originally my work wouldn't be in the store for another couple of weeks, but my case came available 2 weeks early. JoAnne wanted to know if I could bring my stuff in now, instead of 2 weeks. EEP!
I had to think about it... I've ordered new earrings cards specifically for my gallery representations, and I was going to order some new displays. I don't have the new cards yet, and I'd not placed the display order. They wanted me to come in Fri afternoon, which was less than 24 hours from the time of her call!!
After considering it, I decided I would try, warning Jo Anne that I might not be able to get a full display going yet, since it was such short notice.
I stayed up rather late picking out jewelry for the store, tagging it with the Art Store's codes, picking out the displays from what I had, without shorting my booth setup. I did a quick side trip to Hobby Lobby to get special back-drop fabric.
I'm very proud of myself, I got 58 pieces ready to go! So here is how my jewelry display looks: I am hoping to tweak it as I get the cards and possibly new displays in. Stop by and check it out... and of course, stop by tomorrow at West Glen 10-2pm and say Hi in person!

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Angela Meijer said...

Congratulations!!! That is so great! :-)