Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting ready for Farmer's Market at West Glen and the Big show downtown!

This pendant is made using a huge Chinese crystal and sterling wire. It's a lovely shade of pink, hard to tell in this photo!
This weekend I'll be at West Glen Farmer's Market
10-2pm. I'm really excited!! This will be the first time I've been at this farmer's market! I've heard really good things about it, so fingers are crossed for good weather and crowds and I can't wait! This is a busy week for me personally and for Des Moines in General. If you are in town, are you hitting the big downtown arts' festival? I hope to at some point, and I love the slogan this year! "get your art on"
I sooo want the t-shirt or the Bag!!

One of my favorite parts of the art festival is the Emerging Artist section, which features only Iowa artists. Lots of photography this year, which I find very interesting. It's good that the festival gives back to local artists this way! If you stop by there, you might as well hit what used to be called "the other art show" but now is called ArtFest Midwest. There is more Iowa talent at this show, it's in air-conditioning at the state fair grounds, and they have the best darn hot mini-chocolate chip cookies in the concession area. They also have shuttles running between this show and the Downtown one, and they are free! So Sat head out to the West Glen Farmer's Market, say hi to me, then hit the art shows and eat a cookie in my honor.

This lariat is made with fresh water pearls and sterling silver. it's 3 feet long, and can be worn in several different ways! Pearls go with everything!

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