Friday, June 18, 2010

introducing the newest family members.......

aren't they cute? The top kitten is Kya, Jesscera's birthday present, and the bottom kitten is Kasanova, My birthday present. This picture was taken today, and they are 8 days old, and just opening their eyes! They won't join the family officially yet, as they still need mommie's tender loving care for at least 7 more weeks. We are looking at getting them in early August.. I can't wait!!! I'm sure that our other fur balls Jezzibel and Jupiter will love them, at least eventually. Originally we weren't going to get any more cats after Kisa passed away last year (Feb 2009) but it's been long enough, and when my friend Tammy posted pics of the kittens, Jesscera and I just had to have one.. or in the case two. Cats should always come in pairs. That way they don't get lonely! And it's kind of nice having another boy/girl pair. After they come home, we will get them fixed, as while I love kittens, 4 cats in the house is plenty. I'll post more pics as I get them.

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