Monday, November 29, 2010

Aqua crystal necklace set -- more Vintaj Brass

I made this set last week in prep for my upcoming Black Fri sale.. I sold the earrings and the bracelet there. I think I have enough stuff to make another bracelet but it won't be exactly the same.. what would be the fun of that?? And another pair of earrings... Maybe it will part of the stuff I'll bring to the Gallery (Sat. Dec 4th 12-5pm)to demo, or maybe I'll stick to wire wrapping. I haven't don't as much wire wrapping lately, mostly busy and really into playing with the Vintaj brass and some vintage pieces. with the Vintaj pieces I use wire alittle, but it's not the same as wrapping with sterling. I got a commission to wrap a donut in sterling, and now I've got the bug to play with sterling wire again. Lovely, fluid sterling! I've got 3 different sterling wire projects laying on my studio desk to work on this week.. between glass cutting, getting ready for the Gallery visit, taking pics and getting new items up on Artfire , working on commissions.... and of course all the normal day to day items like house cleaning, day job and being a wife and mom. Not complaining, just wishing I had more time.....

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