Friday, November 19, 2010

still struggling to create....

I'm still feeling alittle maudlin, and out of sorts. I had to make a necklace for my daughter's friend's birthday, and that was an effort! I got it done, but I'm not happy with it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, I think right now I won't be happy with anything. As much as I want to get things made up for my last art show of the year (Black Friday Market Day) I think at least tonight I won't force it. It rarely works to force creativity anyway, even under the best of circumstances. Tonight I think I will clean my studio, and maybe pick out beads for the upcoming beady garage sale in January. It's very peaceful and meditative to sort beads, and who knows, maybe something will spark my interest! To keep my blog current, I present 3 pendants from my back log of photos. This top one is Mookite, and sterling.
Blood stone and sterling.
tiger eye and sterling.

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Desert Rubble said...

Sorry to hear of your loss. I agree it's best not to try and force it, it only makes it worse. Something more therapeutic is definitely in your studio and sorting beads sounds perfect, I hope it helped for a bit =)