Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Newest Passion.. Part VI

This will be my entry, for now, on Vintaj. I need to make more stuff before I can really blog on it! LOL Despite my love of color, I think this is my favorite piece to date. The large crystal is in a champagne color, which is very delicate, warm color, and harmonizes perfectly with the warm tones of Vintaj brass. With bailing pliers I very carefully folded and bent the large dragonfly around the crystal, and then wired it to the other pieces. I made very slightly asymmetrical by using another dragonfly on the ride side. I liked how it looked so much I ended it with chain.

I've really enjoyed working with Vintaj and plan to order more. I want to play with the coloring aspects more ( and I'm going to try the inks on more metals) and I want to explore more crystal wrappings, maybe in red. I think the contract between red and Vintaj would be excellent! And blue, and purple and.......

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