Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cure for the big deep funk

Do you ever feel like everything is not quite the way you want it to be? Like everything is off a beat, side-ways or surreal?

You know the funk? The nobody really likes me, everything sucks, what's wrong in my life funk?

Then you see something and you realize how good you have it. How much you are really just whining because life means you don't get everything you want exactly how you want it.

At the waterpark today I saw a man without feet playing with his toddler son and very pregnant wife. He had 2 futuristic looking prosthetics tucked neatly in tennis shoes and wore regular swim trunks. He walked pretty good, he sort of shifted his weight from one side to the other to lift up one leg and then the other. They were having a very good time together.

And I couldn't help thinking, I bet he doesn't ever get into a funk -- losing both lower legs, that's about as serious as it gets. You cannot loose that much of your body and not be in life or death situation. And now he is with his family, living and playing at a waterpark. Watching with pride as his little son runs over to him to splash him and runs screaming in delight away and the man CAN CHASE HIM ON METAL FEET, and catch him and actually, carefully, stoop and pick up the wiggling giggling child.

And if he gets into a funk?? He's got a hell of a better excuse that I do.

So hug your family, count your blessings, and BUCK UP.

Life could be alot more challenging than it is now.

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