Friday, March 11, 2011

my box is done!! end of my stained glass adventures

wooo hoo!! I managed (with help from my teacher) to get my box done in my last class Wednesday. Now you can tell a pro didn't make it, but for my first effort I think it's pretty good. It certainly looks handmade! LOL

It's approximately 4x6 long, maybe 2 inches high. I I'm really proud of the lid.. it's 2 different stain glass ( you can't tell so much in the photo, but the class has this lovely deep swirly texture to it) and one of my handmade fused glass cabs. I used the copper patina as the finish, which I think makes it look really old, like I inherited it from my grandmother or something.
It took me around 11 hours to complete... now it shouldn't ever take that long again, part of that was learning how to make it. I was afraid about half way through that I'd picked a project beyond my skill level. Maybe a box wasn't the best idea for a "first" project, but I love boxes!
When I took the class, since I already knew (more or less) how to cut glass and since I knew (more or less) how to solder silver, I figured it would be well, "easy".

Stained glass is more challenging than I imagined, and once I worked through some of my frustration I'm glad. I think sometimes with jewelry I get alittle complacent ( I really don't want to use the word bored... no no no ) so doing something outside of my comfort zone is a really good thing.

I learned alot, and some of it I can even feed back into my jewelry obsession.

Maybe I'll start taking a art class every year that isn't strictly jewelry, to help my creative juices flow!

Pottery anyone?

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