Sunday, March 6, 2011

what I love about Jewelry

OK, ran out of time this weekend to finish my sun pendants, but they are on my desk ready to dome next time I get up there. I've been in a pooky mood the last few days, which didn't help my time issues. Yesterday seemed to be a string of petty disappointments, and it felt like everything I did just didn't work! Quite honestly, working on the suns yesterday would probably been an exercise in futility the way I was going. It was only toward midnight when I finally got something to go right!

Today I got up feeling more friendly to the world and to myself, and in an effort to retain that feeling in the face of impending reality, I picked out my scarab beetle earrings. As I finished getting ready this morning, I started to ponder why I picked them out.

I didn't make these, I've owned them for 21 years, longer than I've been making jewelry. They were a college graduation gift from my sister. I love them for many reasons -- they are pretty, they are sterling, I love Egyptian imagery, the fact my sister got me a gift that was dead on, the scarab is a symbol of rebirth and life it's self, they have a good weight in my ears (especially once I changed the earwires from the original tiny ones), etc etc etc.. and most importantly they make me happy just to wear them. They are a memento of one of the most important and happy times in my life.

In short, they are a solid memory of happiness, and they magically transmit an echo of that happiness every time I wear them.

I don't put them on and think about why they make me happy, they just do.

How many women out there have jewelry (or a favorite shirt or purse or something) that make them happy just putting them one in the morning?

And then I wonder how many pieces of jewelry I have made that have that same effect on the person who wears them.

And suddenly my little bit happy is a whole lot more happy.

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