Monday, March 14, 2011

What's on the desk Monday 03/14/2011

These lovely necklaces need matching earrings. A funny thing about my bigger wire necklace pieces.. I often sell the earrings that go with them 2-3 times before the necklace sells. So I try to make 2 earring pairs with I make bigger necklaces. They are different styles of course, what would be the fun in making exactly the same earring over and over? I usually make a simpler pair that is smaller, and then go wild making a longer, danglier ( more fun to me at least) pair. I go through my inventory periodically and "true" up things I like to sell as a set. ( I am always pleased to sell them separately of course)

I'm still working on the Lady of the Lake from last week.. I had to set it aside to get some other stuff done, but I"m hoping to work again on it tomorrow!

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