Saturday, May 28, 2011

Anyone else tired of rain???

Boy I am!

Don't get get me wrong, had the normal fun time at West Glen Farmer's Market, but it rained almost the entire day (and for those few hardy souls who braved the just plain icky weather, we vendors thank you!) and to top it off, I've somehow cracked a rib this week. Now it feels better today ( I cracked it on Tuesday, or at least that's when it started to hurt) but let me tell you, trying to set up in the cold and the rain, with lots of lifting and bending over... well my sweet hubby had to do most of the work because I just couldn't. He's always helpful, I'm just plain luck y to be married to this man!

But he had to work extra hard to keep me from hurting myself worst.

Since this is Memorial Day Weekend, it's extra long, and my plan is to do house work very slowly ( with all the lift/bend over parts done by the kid or by the hubby), well spaced out with lots of studio time, in pj's. I've got some very kewl brass bits ordered as my extra special I cracked a rib treats, and all my fingers and toes are crossed at least one of the packages will arrive today.

If they don't that's OK.. I've got lots of projects to play with... chain maile, herringbone bracelets, metal work, pearls and I'm getting that itchy I want to melt glass feeling. I'm hoping I have a long, relaxing , productive weekend, with minimal rib involvement.

The pic is Kass, inspecting my camera tripod. He Decided he couldn't eat it or lick it dead, so wandered away.

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