Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's on the desk.... commissions & ramblings

Only I don't really have pictures, so I"m being sneaking... I have a commission to make 3 of these colorful crystal square pendants for a wonderful artist and 2 of her friends. Each color will represent the artist and her friend. I love this idea.. I've been making these mom pendants ( each crystal a member of the family's birthstone) and it really nice thought to make them for such good friends.

I am also working on a pearl watch for a gal at work.

I've actually got several projects going at once. This past weekend I had my first show and the shake down showed me where I had a couple of inventory holes.. mostly bracelets ... so I've got a couple set up ready to go, and some sketches for a couple of more. Hopefully will get them done by this weekend's show at the Art Store. The Art store is also having their garage sale weekend, so it's an excellent time to check them out.. this Saturday 10-5pm!

Today is air-conditioner day. Jerry put the rest of the units in the house ( he was a sweetie and put my studio one up a few weeks ago.. it gets pretty hot in the attic otherwise!) Boy love that wonderful rush of cool air swirling around the house! I think the new windows we bought last November will make a difference in how effective the air-conditioners will run this year.

I've got jewelry to the photographer, so hopefully my new slides will be done in the next week.. very exciting!!

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